About the Vineyard

Purchased in 2007, this former dairy pasture was once used for tobacco.

The History

We started planting in March of 2009. Several hundred wooden posts were pounded in the ground and 9-gauged wire strung to accommodate over 500 muscadine vines.

Our first commercial crush was September, 8th, 2011.

Native Son Vineyard

The vineyard faces WOW, Caraway, and Daves  mountains. This expansive view has captured the cameras of professional photographer Dan Routh and has been featured in Wrangler catalogs.


Currently, the vineyard contains Noble, (purple), Magnolia (bronze), Carlos (bronze), and Summit (bronze) cultivars. Muscadines make excellent jams, jelly, juices and wine. And of course, they are awesome eating them right off the vine.

Muscadines, America’s “first grape”,  made in impression on the first European settlers. In 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh, described the muscadine as being  "on the sand and on the green soil, on the hills as on the plains, as well as on every little shrub ... also climbing towards the tops of tall cedars ... in all the world the like abundance is not to be found."


Muscadines are native to the southeast section of the United States. Wild cultivars are found in the woods and ripen in late September. One of the hardiest grapes, it thrives in the hot, humid summers of North Carolina. Known for its beneficial levels of resveratrol and antioxidants levels, it has become one of the century’s top health foods. Read more about it here http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/AR/archive/nov97/musc1197.htm.


When fermented into a wine it becomes a pleasant treat for the palate. From the sweet bronze cultivars to the rich, deep purple cultivars, the muscadine offers up a wide range of complex flavors for consumption. A native grape from  a native son, that’s what Native Son Vineyard is all about.


Native Son Vineyard is a member of the Piedmont Grown initiative.



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Visit our tasting room Friday-Sunday 2pm-5pm.

Our farm outlet stand is located at 1511 Mamie May Rd, Franklinville NC. Nestled between Randleman and Grays Chapel, North Carolina.  

We carry fresh muscadines (in season) and wine.

In the beginning....This is what we started working with from the beginning. What was formerly a pasture, we planned our current vineyard, row by row, post by post with LOTS of sweat and hard work. Thanks to family and friends, we’ve started the journey into a new agricultural world.

Once the vista for the first native inhabitants, it s now home to a native grape.

Be a part of our endeavor from the beginning.


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